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WELCOME to kb5doh Norman Hams.

This website is for all amateur "ham" radio operators new and old it is your website so join in and be part of and help it grow,  again welcome. 73

About Amateur Radio.

Amateur radio is a hobby people involved in this hobby have many options in the hobby many way to use it or categories, Phone, CW-code, PSK, RTTY, Packet, and more. To learn the many options in amateur radio read-on and learn of all there is to do.

We will try to answer any and all questions you might have remember no question is a dumb question we are here to help and teach you on ham radio, okay now first things first you will need a license mine is kb5doh that is also my call sign, find a local club such as the one I am proud to be apart of here in Norman, Oklahoma South Canadian Amateur Radio Society  best thing I did was join a club.

Being part of a local amateur radio club really pays off the things you learn the help you get from other members and they care about you and your family, the club has monthly meetings with programs geared to help the members as well as interesting programs from how to build a antenna or even a radio you will always have a good source of knowledge in the club.

We will discuss in this website things like S.W.R. and what it is also testing and nets along with our calender showing events, meeting, picnics, field day, ham fest, mobile operation, correctly setting up your base and pros & cons of communication via ham radio, also DX'ing talking long distance as well as local talk, there are many types of radios you can buy or even build if your handy with your hands and even build your own antenna.

We will even teach what old radios could do some are still in use and preferred by some hams over the newer radios out now from Big to Small low watts to more watts, what coax is and what the difference between the many kinds of antennas mobile antennas many kinds as there are in base antennas.

The next page will cover all we hope and even links to sites related to ham radio and antennas, so start in and get your mind full of really great stuff about ham radio "amateur radio communications hobby"











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